3 or more albums I’ve enjoyed listening to, each week


Howdy, I’m Andy and I love music.

Music has always been my thing, right back when I was a kid, learning to play acoustic guitar in school. I discovered my Dad’s massive collection of vinyls and got super into Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Thin Lizzy and Eric Clapton, which ushered in an obsession with playing drums, where I almost became pro, but had a rough time getting past the diploma stage of things.

It’s not all bad though because that performance stumble got me really into production. I had a hilariously short stint at university doing music production, but really, I just went on tour with my emo band and dropped out. This is also where I got into making electronica and hip hop beats as AndyVirus.

Now, I just make boring websites and stuff.

But, one thing has always remained the same for me: my love of listening to albums. I really like albums as a whole—less so playlists 'n stuff. I believe an album is a single body of work, which should be listened to in order. That’s how the artists want you to consume their work.

This site is my little blog/newsletter where every (read most) week, I will share with you what I’ve been listening to. Hopefully, you’ll discover some music that you love just as much as I do.

You can see all the posts, or you can catch me on Apple Music, Discogs, Twitter and Last.FM. Take it easy 👋

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